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Safety Management Systems


This course will give you the perfect introduction to what an SMS is all about and how it should operate.



Given the many ways that aviation can result in injury or harm, those involved with aviation have been
preoccupied with preventing accidents since the earliest days of flying.

Through the disciplined application of best safety management practices and the highest assessment and
control standards in aviation SMS training, most organisations have seen the frequency and severity of aviation
occurrences decline significantly.


Who Should Attend Aviation SMS Training?

CEO’s, Accountable Managers, and members of management who have responsibility or oversight for
maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements.

Anyone whose role involves change management, team building or culture development or who are seen to
represent management to operational and technical teams.

It is also desirable for all Operators and Maintenance Organisations to ensure that all personnel have a
knowledge of what a Safety Management System represents and how best to support that system in their
every day working environment.


What is Covered?

The purpose of the SMS training course is to explain just what is expected of an aviation Safety Management System
in terms of corporate responsibilities under EASA requirements.

A dedicated quality/safety team work very diligently but find it difficult to overcome a lack of understanding
within and support from their senior management.

Regulatory authorities all over the world are concerned that senior management should exercise strong
leadership in this area because, ultimately, the “accountable managers” are responsible for the safety of
their operation.


Course Topics:

  • Safety Management Systems course introduction
  • Basic safety concepts
  • Hazards & Hazard Identification
  • Risks & Risk Management
  • SMS regulation
  • SMS planning
  • SMS operation

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